Get Ready for the Annual Saturnalia Poetry Reading

Saturnalia Books is excited to announce to host its annual poetry reading at the Philadelphia Art Alliance! This year’s program includes Cortney Lamar Charleston, Cave Canem fellow and winner of the 2016 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize selected by DA Powell for Telepathologies. In Cortney’s own words: “Telepathologies is an uncompromising exploration of the violences surrounding the […]

Speaking Louder and Farther Than Our Great Social Inertia: Cortney Lamar Charleston’s TELEPATHOLOGIES

The title of your book, Telepathologies, is extremely attention-grabbing, especially as you use the word’s different meanings to introduce each section of the book. For instance, you define it as the “internalization of implied falsehoods” and you mention media and sociology as sub-terms, or even aggravators of telepathology. What has your experience been with telepathology […]

Toothpaste and a Corvette and Godzilla and a Monkey: The Beauty of the Ordinary & Exceptional in Jay Nebel’s Neighbors

Your collection Neighbors aims at connecting all walks of life, from the foodies in “The Food Network” to the drug users in “The Happiest Place on Earth is Norway.” What makes these pieces essential to your poetic neighborhood? Like most writers, I tend to write about things that catch my eye. With that poem “The Food […]

Favorite Video Snippets of Saturnalia Books’ Authors Reading at AWP 2015

Missed our fabulous off-site reading at the New Century Theatre at AWP this year? Here are a few snippets of what you missed. Be sure to join us in LA for AWP 2016. Stay tuned for our list of readings/events. Catherine Pierce reads “She Considers Trading Her Secrets” from Girls of Peculiar (Saturnalia Books) Hadara Bar Nadav reads […]

Reels of Film, Sylvia Plath, & Recordings on a Road Trip: Inspiration for Laurie Saurborn Young’s Industry of Brief Destraction

1. You mentioned during the Saturnalia Books Poetry Reading at The Athenaeum of Philadelphia that voice recordings you took on a road trip you went on were inspiration for your “Patriot” poems from Industry of Brief Distraction. Could you tell us a bit more about these recordings of story and sound? Did they inspire any […]

Saturnalia Authors Win NEA Grant

An enormous congratulations to Saturnalia Books authors Natalie Shapero and Laurie Saurborn Young for winning two of thirty-six coveted National Endowment for the Arts Grants for Creative Writing Fellowships.   Laurie Saurborn Young’s latest collection Industry of Brief Distraction is due out in Fall 2015 from Saturnalia Books, and Natalie Shapero’s book No Object can […]